Welcome to Developed Ramblings!

Since I was young I’ve had a keen interest in photography and so, eighteen months ago, I finally made the switch to a Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera or what is more commonly referred to as a DSLR. I found this step up in the photography world to be almost instantly pleasing. I have taken a an enthusiastic approach to researching the uses of f-stops, shutter speeds, exposure settings image composition and everything else in between. The list is endless and I learn something new pretty much every time I go out and shoot.

Why start a blog now?

Over time I have have ultimately built a large catalogue of images, stored on hard drives, dropbox and SD cards, some of which I frequently go back to. Despite this though, like any art, it is best appreciated by people; which thus leads me to creating this blog, Developed Ramblings.

I will be putting up images that I have taken on a regular basis, often with some information on the thought process that created them, what I did and how much they’ve been edited, if at all. Some images provoke the creative side of me, which is not overly surprising when you consider that I have a degree in English literature and Music; two subjects which are renowned for their interpretive aspects and ‘artsy’ nature! Therefore don’t be surprised to read creative literature, quotes or excerpts in my posts.


I hope you enjoy reading Developed Ramblings! I look forward to sharing my work with you. The image in this post seemed fitting, it is a starscape that I took during my time in Oregon, America. Space, to mankind, represents an ever growing and endless opportunity, something that we all at some point look up to with wonder and curiosity. It therefore works exceptionally well and represents my own curiosity in how this blog will progress; as well as yours too I hope!

Technical Specifics 

This image was shot on a tripod with the Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC. I set the aperture to F4.0, and the focal length to 10mm in order to capture as much of the night sky as possible. The exposure time was 25 seconds with ISO6400. I also changed the white balance slightly, adding a small amount of magenta to the image on the camera, something which I have accentuated more in post-processing. I hope you like it!

Until next time,



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