Multnomah Falls, OR 1/2

Multnomah Falls was one of the first places that I visited during my time in Oregon. I cannot quite express how large these waterfalls are. You simply look up and they’re still there, hundreds of feet above you,with the water falling at a rapid rate towards the river below. The falls, which stem from the top of a 620ft precipice are truly extraordinary.

This image, taken from the first viewing area, captures the height of the falls and showcases the footbridge in the centre, which coincidentally, is where the second image from Multnomah is taken.

Technical Specifics

Once again, this image was taken on my Pentax K-50 with the Sigma 10-20mm. I set the shutter speed to a fast 1/1000th of a second and the aperture to f4.5. This image captures the detail of the water excellently as it falls on its journey to the bottom of the falls.  The reason for the black and white in this series was simply because it draws greater attention to the water whilst removing the largely green environment that surrounds it. Enjoy!

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