Tumalo Trees

The idea for this image struck me as I walked up the riverbank of Tumalo Falls. As we walked, I noticed that there was a large collection of fallen trees, all of them strewn in a chaotic fashion. I am unsure as to whether this was due to the steeper incline of this particular part of the forest, the forestry service or nature. Nevertheless, this area interested me and so I tried to capture what I saw. I, once again, used my 10-20mm Tamron at f11 and shot uphill from a low position in order to capture both the treetops and the fallen timber.

Something which I found particularily interesting about Tumalo and the area that surrounds it, is that a large majority of the forest is very young. Sadly, in 1979, there was a large forest fire which wiped out a good portion of the woodland in Tumalo Creek. Additionally, the presence of logging in the area contributed towards the severe damage that was seen to the creek and its habitats. Nowadays though, Tumalo Creek is pleasant and healthy and is certainly somewhere that I would recommend if visiting Central Oregon. Stay tuned for future images from Tumalo!

Until next time,



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