He looked, with contemplation that did not quite match the years of his life or the perceived ability of his mind, at the water. It trickled softly over the rocks and around the plants that dotted the small stream as it moved towards the larger river. In black and white, He could see the world, both physically and mentally; it was a simple way to see the world. Sitting upon his hind quarters, He took a brief break from the hours of play that he had spent with his friends; running backwards and forwards in the water and the dirt.

Meanwhile his friends looked back at him, both of them older than He by a considerable number of years. His scruffy black and blonde fur, dotted with flecks of mud and soaking wet, told the tale of his adventures. Through the river and near the waterfalls He had run, with his soft, young paws padding through the dry dirt that hadn’t seen water for weeks, despite the close proximity of it. Tumalo was his favourite place to be, the forest and the shrubs provided excellent hiding places, which seemed to stress the humans that minded him much more than it did his own mother. Frequently, He would go missing amongst the bushes, only to reappear swiftly again not soon after, unhurt but dirty.

He considered all of this, looking at the clear water as it trickled downhill towards the waterfalls. Water that had come down from the mountains, which was cold and clear like the snow that it had been only a few days ago. He heard a sound, his ears pricking up as He heard a sound. His friends were running through the water; a group of humans were having a picnic on the riverbank. The sound that distracted him from his thoughts though, came from the other side of the stream, just over the hill.

Through the forest He could hear talking, and then out of the trees emerged two humans; a man and a woman. They were talking in happy tones, smiling and laughing. She wore a grey top and shorts to match the hot weather. The man dressed in a similar style, wearing a black shirt and grey cargo shorts. Additionally, the man had a large, black, oddly shaped box attached to a strap around his shoulders. The man approached, looking at the surroundings with contemplation.  He crouched down on one knee, looking straight at He and lifted the strange box up to his face, closed one eye, twiddled some dials and pressed a button.


*      *      *      *      *      *

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