Autumn is finally here! Of course with Autumn, or Fall for you transatlantic folk, there comes a new pallet of colour that bursts forth in shades of brown, orange and dark green as leaves and plants change colour. This post in particular is not about autumn though, but rather, Harvest.

All around the world, in every known society, the harvest season has played a vital role in bringing communities together as they prepare for the winter. England is no exception. At schools around the country, children will be bringing in items associated with the harvest in order to send them to those in need or simply to make colourful and creative displays. Farmers will venture out in their dozens to collect the wheat, potatoes, corn and other crops that have kept society fed for decades, if not centuries. This style of thanks has been prevalent in Britain since pagan times and commonly takes place around the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.

Societies and cultures around the world all celebrate the harvest season differently and at different times depending upon their geographical location however, for most, harvest is always synonymous with the bringing together of friends and neighbours to share in their bounty.

On a recent walk around the same moorland that inspired Emily Bronte to write Wuthering Heights, I spotted a farmer finishing up his harvest of grasses to turn into silage. I must confess that, despite my initial optimism, I had failed to be inspired as I ventured out with my camera in hand earlier in the day. Nevertheless, following a spattering of rain, my patience was rewarded with what is only a very small collection of images that made all the non-productive walking in exposed, cold conditions worth it.

The aforementioned rain left behind dramatic clouds and a large rainbow that draped itself across the sky. The cold, however, simply became worse! Nevertheless, I must confess that I’m pretty happy with this one. It captures this great time of year as we brace for the winter to come.

I hope that wherever you are, and how ever you celebrate, that you have a great harvest season.

Until next time,




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