DevelopedRamble: Cow

Vaca. Vache. Vacca. Lehmä. Kráva. Krowa. Kuh. Cow.

Around the world, we all know the name. It is, more than likely, one of the first words that you understand and process as a young human. Human beings, for hundreds of years, have domesticated cattle for their milk and beef. They are the most common, large domesticated ungulates in the world. I didn’t know what an ungulate was, and so, in this modern age, I ‘Googled’ it. It turns out that there are even-toed and odd-toed Ungulates. They are usually hoofed and use the tips of their hoofed toes to support their body weight as they walk. This is something which both the Hippopotamus and the Cow both have in common; they are even-toed ungulates or Artiodactyla.

You will probably know that cows are herbivores, however you probably didn’t know that they are red-green colour blind. This obviously opposes the common misconception that cattle can become infuriated by red items, therefore making the colour donned by the Matador in Bullfighting obsolete. In fact, it is the waving and movement of the cape which angers bulls, not its colour.

By now, you’re probably wondering why you’re reading about cows. The answer to that is twofold. Firstly, you’re reading the first DevelopedRamble. The original idea behind the name was that photos were originally developed in lightrooms, I’m a keen photographer and I like the process of composition, development and producing that photo-taking requires. The second part, Ramble, has several meanings. I enjoy writing and using extensive language. To some, this is enjoyable, to others it is unnecessary. Additionally, I enjoy walking or rambling. Many of my photos are taken whilst on walks, often with my dog. This particular photo is one of them.

The second reason that you’re reading about cows is because, one afternoon whilst walking my dog, I came across this cow. She approached me from the other side of the gate whilst I was walking up the path. I took the photo but was unsure what to do with it. Now I have a solution!

Whilst on the topic of cows and names, I noticed in the news this week that there is an exploit available on computers running Linux. ‘C.O.W’ or ‘Copy on Write’, is part of Linux’s software that hackers can exploit in order to steal details and gain sensitive information. So I suppose if you run Linux, be careful!

As a conclusion to this DevelopedRamble, I find it incredible how much names mean. A cow is a cow but it can be called a Kuh, Vacca or Vache dependant upon where you’re from. Likewise, as an acronym, it can be something entirely different, pertinent instead to the world of Information Technology. Meanwhile, my own blog has more behind it’s name than you may have first supposed. I find the English language fascinating, diverse and infinite. It is incredible what can come from a simple photograph of a cow.

I hope you enjoyed this DevelopedRamble.

Until next time,



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