In the process of preparing my post about my exciting adventures in Spain, I became a little side tracked. Whilst looking through photos I discovered something that I had attempted on our final night there. Something which I would never have considered in an entirely sober state, but which seemed obvious and exciting as I saw my friends lighter sat in our room.

The following images were caught with my Pentax 18-135mm without a tripod or a timer; it was all done handheld! To capture these images I had to use incredibly fast shutter speeds, with some of them going as high as 1/1000th of a second. As I’m sure you can imagine, there are a lot of duds however those that worked, look seriously good!


This second image captures the moment that the fuel from the lighter catches the spark created by the flint and combusts. I always love seeing slow motion shots, they allow us to see a glimpse of the perfectly ordinary being extraordinary.


This last image shows the same thing but a few micro-seconds later. You can still see the fuel as it catches alight, with that single rouge spark flying off into nothingness.

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this quick post. I entirely intended to post today however the subject matter is totally different to what I originally intended. It is, however, quite a lot more epic. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it.

Until next time,



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