Spanish Siesta

During my short time in Spain, I became unintentionally involved in the siesta. It’s sort of hard now to as everywhere slows down, even in winter. So, during a walk around Badajoz in the sleepy afternoon, I managed to soak in the atmosphere of a large town that largely stops for a few hours.

If you’ve ever been out late at night or in the early morning, you’ll appreciate how strange it is to see somewhere deadly quiet with very little traffic or pedestrians. Now consider this, but in the day time. There’s as much traffic as there is at two or three in the morning, and even fewer people.

Nevertheless, there are still signs of life. Some of the little bars are open and there are people that go about their homes, doing repairs or tidying up. The above photo is one such example. The simplicity of an elderly lady, sweeping the streets instantly became engaging. I love how this photo came out, I feel that it portrays mid-afternoon Spain superbly, presenting the intimacy that can be found on the streets at this quiet time of day.

Until next time,



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